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One Nation, Two States Victory” Painting Exhibition


One Nation, Two States Victory” Painting Exhibition

  •  Friday, May 6, 2022
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With the cooperation of Tokat Governorship, Tokat Municipality and our University, the painting exhibition themed "One Nation, Two States Victory" was opened in Tokat Municipality City Museum. Our Vice Rector Prof.Dr.İbrahim Özbay, Provincial Culture and Tourism Director AdemÇakır, Head of the Fine Arts Education Department of the Faculty of Education Assoc.Dr.ÖzlemOnuk, Deputy Commander of the Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment, Gendarmerie Colonel OnurBakırhan, academics, students and citizens attended.

Making the opening speech, Faculty of Education, Fine Arts Education Department, Painting and Business Education Department Lecturer Prof.MehemmedYüzbaşıyev stated that the purpose of opening an exhibition was to reflect the concept of “One Nation, Two States” to the drawings. Stating that the two states fought many wars and campaigns throughout history, and these victories were the Çanakkale Victory, the War of Independence and the Karabakh Victory in the 21st century, Yüzbaşıyev said, “We will always be grateful to the Turkish people with the support of our President.We won this victory in 44 days.I would like to thank everyone who participated in our exhibition.” Head of the Fine Arts Education Department of the Faculty of Education Assoc.Dr.In her speech, ÖzlemOnuk, Prof.Expressing that MehemmedYüzbaşıyev has accomplished important works with intense effort and devotion, he thanked him for his work.

            In his speech, our Vice-Rector Prof.Dr.İbrahim Özbay said that Prof. MehemmedYüzbaşıyev who has been serving our university for about 15 years,has very valuable works and that he has also signed important works in this exhibition.Özbay expressed his gratitude for their efforts, saying that the subject of the exhibition was the strengthening of friendship ties between our Azerbaijani brothers and Turkey.

Afterwards, the exhibition was opened.“One Nation, Two States Victory” Painting Exhibition can be visited between 22-29 April 2022.