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Nowruz Festival Activities


Nowruz Festival Activities

  •  Tuesday, March 22, 2022
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          Nevruz Festival activities were organized with the cooperation of Tokat Governorship, Tokat Municipality and our University. The events held at the Şehit Ömer Halisdemir Conference Hall were attended by Governor Dr. Ozan Balcı, Mayor Atty. Eyüp Eroğlu, Chief Public Prosecutor Fatih Çoban, Head of the Justice Commission and Head of the 2nd Heavy Penal Court Mehmet Ali Turgutalp, our Rector Prof. Dr. Bünyamin Şahin, Provincial Police Chief Armağan Adnan Erdoğan, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander J Colonel Bahri Bostancı, our Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. İsa Gökçe, Prof. Dr. Bekir Süha Parlaktaş, Prof. Dr. İbrahim Özbay, AK Party Provincial Chairman Cüneyt Aldemir, Provincial Health Director Dr. Öner Nergis, department heads, our academic and administrative staff and students participated.

         In his speech, our Rector Prof. Dr. Bünyamin Şahin emphasized the importance of Nowruz Festival and stated that Nevruz is a holiday of awakening, vitality, cohesion, embrace and spring of our nation. Stating that Nevruz is the symbol of our nation's unity that has continued for centuries, a sign of brotherhood and partnership of destiny, our Rector stated that Nevruz is a call to peace and tranquility and a heartfelt invitation. Saying that we have guests from 70 different countries and many different cultures in the hall for Nowruz events, our Rector congratulated the Turkish-Islamic world of Nevruz and concluded his speech.

         The program continued with the “Music of the Turkish World” concert by the State Conservatory of our University. Subsequently, Lecturer Dr. Muhammed Avşar and Res. See. Dr. Emel Şener Boy gave a "Nowruz in Turkish Culture" conference. After the conference, the Newroz fire was lit, an egg breaking contest, a folk dance show and traditional food offerings were held.