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Our Rector Participated in the 14 March Medicine Feast Program


Our Rector Participated in the 14 March Medicine Feast Program

  •  Friday, March 18, 2022
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The 14 March Medicine Day program, which took place at the Presidential Complex and was attended by our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, was held at Beştepe Millet Congress and Culture Center, our Rector Prof. Dr. Bünyamin Şahin also participated.

Congratulating the physicians and all healthcare professionals on the 14 March Medicine Day at the beginning of his speech, President Erdoğan expressed his gratitude to all the physicians and healthcare professionals who worked day and night to keep the healthcare system afloat during the epidemic. President Erdoğan stated that there is a package preparation for physicians and gave information about its main lines. In his speech, President Erdoğan said, “The crime of deliberate injury committed against the personnel working in health institutions and organizations during their duties or due to their duties is included in the catalog within the scope of the CMK. Thus, the path to be followed regarding such crimes is made visible to the implementing judges and prosecutors. With this regulation, the penalty for preventing the right to benefit from public services is increased when it comes to health services. As the second gospel, we are establishing a Professional Responsibility Board for healthcare professionals. The possibility of opening a criminal investigation due to medical procedures and practices related to examination, diagnosis and treatment performed by all healthcare professionals within the scope of the practice of their profession will depend on the permission of this committee. This board will also decide whether the compensation paid by the administration to the health personnel working in public institutions and organizations and state universities due to their practices within this scope can be revoked. Recourse can only be made in an intentional situation. It cannot be held administratively and financially responsible for the decisions of the professional responsibility board. Thus, we are radically solving these two important problems of healthcare professionals. Our third good news is that the fixed additional payments of health personnel will be included in the central government budget and their salaries will be paid with a single payroll. This practice will also be implemented for university hospitals. The Ministry of Health revolving fund distribution system will be activated so that there are no hospitals without revolving funds. Additional resources will be transferred from the central government budget for performance payments, and the additional payments that health personnel will receive from the revolving fund will be increased. The fourth good news will be that the payroll fees of our physicians will be arranged to compensate for their salary losses after retirement. I would like to remind you again that health professionals with undergraduate degrees, especially nurses, will be included in the scope of 3600 additional indicators. In the fifth article, there will be an increase in the basic wages of family physicians.

At the end of the program, President Erdoğan presented the 14 March Medicine Feast awards.