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Tokat Vineyard Culture Program


Tokat Vineyard Culture Program

  •  Monday, January 10, 2022
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Tokat Vineyard Culture program was held by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Education and State Conservatory of our university. Within the scope of the program, Tokat Maturation Institutes Cultural Bridge Project Exhibition, Tokat Tunes Concert and Tokat Vineyard Culture interview were held. Our Rector Prof. Dr. Bünyamin Şahin, Tokat City Museum Curator Hasan Erdem, Tokat Maturation Institute Director Aslı Gül, deans, department heads, academic and administrative staff and students participated in the program held at the National Will Hall of the Congress and Culture Center on 15 July.

Making the opening speech, our University Faculty of Fine Arts Research Assistant Dr. Melda Hassamancıoğlu gave information about the program and said that the aim of the event was to introduce the Tokat Vineyard Culture to the students. Hassamancıoğlu thanked our Rector and those who contributed.

After the opening speech, Aslı Gül, Director of Tokat Maturation Institute, introduced the Tokat Cultural Bridge Project. In her speech, Gül stated that as Tokat Maturation Institute, they have a mission to transfer the deep-rooted cultural heritage to future generations with an understanding of identity that integrates the past, present and future. Stating that they are trying to bring the traditional handicrafts together with the young generations and to deliver the trust to their real owners, Gül concluded her speech by thanking our Rector and those who contributed to their support.

In his speech, our Rector Prof. Dr.  Bünyamin Şahin conveyed information about our university and mentioned its achievements in international rating agencies. In his speech, Rector Şahin stated that our University is in the 251-300 band in the Developing Europe and Central Asia Region University ranking made by the QS Rating Agency; According to the AD Scientific Index 2022 Scientist and University Ranking results, which lists thousands of scientists from all over the world in terms of their publication performance and productivity in the last five years, TOGU is ranked 15th among state universities in Turkey, 352nd in regional rankings, and 1092th in the world that made a great success; He stated that our university is 256th in the GreenMetric 2021 World University Rankings and 14th in Turkey. Rector Şahin, who stated that a solar energy panel was also installed in our university, stated that our university produces its own electricity with these studies. Stating that TOGU is one of the largest universities in the region with its academic, administrative staff and 36 thousand students in 10 campuses, Rector Şahin said that 72 percent of the students come from outside Tokat. Stating that 3500 international students from 70 countries study in Tokat, Şahin underlined that our university is a preferred university from all over the world. Rector Şahin wished the Tokat Vineyard Culture program to be beneficial, in which the cultural richness of Tokat will be explained, and conveyed his thanks to Hasan Erdem and the Dean teachers for their support. After the speeches, Tokat City Museum Curator Hasan Erdem gave his talk titled “Tokat Vineyard Culture”. In his speech, Erdem gave detailed information about the vineyard houses of Tokat, its food culture, Tokat Kebab, and the retort system.

After the talk, the certificate of appreciation was given to Hasan Erdem and Tokat Maturation Institute Director Aslı Gül by our Rector Prof. Dr. Bünyamin Şahin.