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Dentistry White Coat Ceremony


Dentistry White Coat Ceremony

  •  Friday, November 26, 2021
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A White Coat wearing ceremony was held by the Faculty of Dentistry of our university. Rector Prof. Bünyamin Şahin, Vice Rectors Prof. İsa Gökçe, Prof. Bekir Süha Parlaktaş, Prof. İbrahim Özbay, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Prof. Ataç Çelik, academics, students and their families attended the ceremony held at the 15 July Congress and Culture Center.

Selinay Göksel, who won the Faculty of Dentistry with the first place in the 2021-2022 academic year, said in her speech, “We will be competent individuals who are devoted to their homeland and nation, have professional ethics. We will proudly wear the white coat, which is a symbol of medicine, the most sacred profession in the world, until the end of our lives. We will act honestly and in accordance with ethical principles and professional ethics. I would like to thank all our teachers and families for their hard work,"

Hatice Göçerli, who won the Faculty of Dentistry with the first place in the 2020-2021 academic year, said in her speech, “I know that relieving a person's pain is a great happiness, so I wanted to work in the field of health. I am honored and proud to live this moment. I know that by wearing the white coat, we take on the full responsibility of being a physician. I would like to thank all the teachers who contributed and my family who always supported me.”

In his speech, Dean of Dentistry Prof. Ataç Çelik gave information about the faculty and stated that specialists are trained in every branch and that important contributions are made to the students and the region. Stating that the pandemic process has greatly affected education, Çelik also stated that the education process at our university continues by complying with the pandemic measures. Expressing that he fully believes that the students will preserve the values that the white coat represents in the best way, Çelik concluded his speech by wishing that the white coat and the future profession will be beneficial to all students.

In his speech, our Rector Prof. Bünyamin Şahin stated that the Faculty of Dentistry was carrying out very important works during the pandemic period and that the education of our students continued without interruption during the pandemic period. Addressing the students, our Rector said, “As a result of long efforts, you have won the Faculty of Dentistry. Congratulations. Your five-year education will pass very quickly. Make a plan for your future and learn the finest details of your profession by following your teachers. Develop yourself in the fields of art, culture, literature and medicine. Thus, you gain not only a diploma, but also a serious personality and a hobby. We wish you to be a good child to your family, country and nation” and concluded his speech.

After the protocol speeches, the students of the Faculty of Dentistry were dressed in White Coats by the Rector, vice-rectors and faculty members of the Faculty of Dentistry.