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Exemption Exam Application Conditions and Schedule for English I, II and Informatics (Basic Computer, Introduction to Computer, Information Technologies etc.)


Exemption Exam Application Conditions and Schedule for English I, II and Informatics (Basic Computer, Introduction to Computer, Information Technologies etc.)

  •  Tuesday, November 16, 2021
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Exemption Exam Application Conditions           

  1. Only students who register for the relevant courses and take the course for the first time can participate in the exemption exams.
  2. Students who have taken these courses before and have been unsuccessful or absent cannot apply for these exams.
  3. Exemption exam applications will be made between 08.11.2021 – 11.11.2021 through our University Online Exam System (
  4. Online applying guide MOBİ
  5. Exemption exams for the 2021-2022 Academic Year will be held once and there will be no make-up exam.
  6. The passing grade from the exemption exam will be entered into the system as the success grade in the Fall and Spring semesters.
  7. Participation in the exemption exam is optional.

Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa Üniversitesi Online Sınav Yönergesi ve Kuralları

Logging in to Online Exam System

  1. Do not take the exam without reading the "Online Exam Guidelines and Rules" on the entrance screen.
  2. You can use your computer or mobile device to take the exam.
  3. You cannot log in to the system without ticking the "I have read and accept the Online Exam Guidelines and Rules" tab.
  4. You can access the "Online Exam" system at You can log in with the password and student number you use in the "Student Information System" ( ).
  5. Please test by logging into the Online Exam System before the exam time comes.
  6. If you are having problems logging into the system, you can check the correctness of your password at by entering your student number as your user name.

Exam List Usage

  1. When you log in to the system, you will see the exams defined for your name on the screen that appears.
  2. Check the accuracy of the courses in your exam list. If you think you have missing or extra courses, send an e-mail with detailed information to our online exam system contact address
  3. The dates, start and end times of the exams are determined on the basis of the academic unit you are studying. Therefore, check the dates and start-end times on your exam list.
  4. Exam start links of the exams in your exam list will be active on the date and time of the relevant exam. You do not need to constantly refresh the page on this screen. Frequent page refresh will block the student and cause the exam to be cancelled.
  5. The system clock works with the server clock and is for informing the student.

Rules to be followed during the exam

  1. Wrong answers will not be deducted from the number of correct answers in the exams. Do not leave any question blank.
  2. You cannot return to the question you answered and approved in the exam, and you cannot change the option you approved.
  3. Every question you answer in the exam is recorded. If you leave the exam during the exam due to technical problems or other reasons, you can continue the exam from where you left off by re-entering.
  4. During the exam, do only the actions specified in the instructions on the page. Closing the browser, refreshing the page, pressing the back button on the page, sharing username and password Such transactions will be considered as abnormal activity.
  5. When multiple logins are made to the system with the same user account, question skipping will occur. You must log in to the system from a single device and a single web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

Legal Obligations

  1. The student taking the exam is obliged to be alone in the exam environment and to answer the questions individually without any learning source or support from the person.
  2. The exam of students who are determined to have violated ethics will be deemed invalid.
  3. The questions opened to your access during the exam should not be recorded, reproduced, shared on social media platforms or circulated using any device. Legal action will be taken against those who engage in such activities.


  1. For your questions about the online exam system, the contact address is

Online exam guide video

Exemption Exam Schedule for English I, II and Informatics (Basic Computer, Introduction to Computer, Information Technologies etc.) 

General Exam Informations


Exam Date: 14.11.2021 Sunday

Exam Start Time: 13:00

Exam End Time: 14:00

Exam Duration: 60 min.

Number of Questions: 50


Exam Date: 14.11.2021 Sunday

Exam Start Time: 15:00 

Exam End Time: : 15:30

Exam Duration: 30 dk.

Number of Questions: 25