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TOGU Career Fair 21


TOGU Career Fair 21

  •  Tuesday, November 9, 2021
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           TOGU Career Fair was organized by our University's Career Application and Research Center (KARMER). The Mayor Atty. Eyüp Eroğlu, Chief Public Prosecutor Fatih Çoban, Rector Prof. Dr. Bünyamin Şahin, Deputy Governor Kaya Çelik, Provincial Police Chief Armağan Adnan Erdoğan, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Bahri Bostancı, Provincial General Assembly President Atty. Erol Duyum, our vice-rectors, department heads, private sector representatives and students attended to opening made at the 15 July Congress and Culture Center.

             In the program, a music concert was held by the students of our university's State Conservatory. Protocol speeches were made after the concert.

           Opening speech was given by KARMER Director Assoc. Dr. Doğan Bozdoğan. In his speech, Bozdoğan gave information about the fair and said that many public and private companies participated in the fair at national and international level. Bozdoğan stated that some of the participating companies will provide job and internship opportunities by collecting CVs from students, he said that other companies and institutions will provide training on employment processes. Expressing that more than 30 certified trainings will be provided, Bozdoğan concluded his speech by thanking our Rector and those who contributed due to the fact that their contributions. In his speech, President of Turkish Pasta Industrialists Association Abdülkadir Külahçıoğlu expressed his pleasure to be a part of such an organization and thanked those who organized the fair. Külahçıoğlu concluded his speech by stating that he would have the opportunity to consult with the youth in Tokat for 2 days on the importance of the agricultural industry and its contribution to employment.

        Our Rector Prof. Dr. In his speech, Bünyamin Şahin gave information about our university and stated that our university has approximately 35 thousand students and the number of international students is around 3500. In his speech, our Rector stated that our university is the 3rd largest university in the Middle and Eastern Black Sea Region and that they provide a high level of support to the education of the students. Stating that there was a higher participation than expected in the first career fair, our Rector stated that the fair will also contribute to providing employment and internships to students. Our Rector, who stated that KARMER has completed the deficiencies in the curriculum in line with the needs of the private sector, our Rector conveyed his gratitude to KARMER Director Assoc. Dr.  Doğan Bozdoğan due to the fact that his contributions.

 Mayor Atty. Eyüp Eroğlu who was speaking at the program expressed his gratitude to the participants, wishing that the fair would bring good luck to our university and our city. In his speech, Eroğlu stated that he is happy to host the new faculties established by our university and international students in the city and congratulated our Rector owing to the innovations he made. Eroğlu ended his speech by thanking KARMER for its contributions to the fair.

After the opening speeches, the fair was opened and the stands were visited.